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“Thirty and flirty and prosperous.”

If you’re like me you’ve seen the movie 13 In progress 30 with Jennifer Garner somewhere about 1,330 times.

Columbia Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

So you’ll remember the amazing Christa B. Allen playing the role of 13-year-old Jenna Rink making a vow to shoot, well, 30 and affectionate and prosperous.

Well, today Christa herself turns 30!

TikTok / Christa B. Allen / Via

My heart in love with nostalgia is full.

Over the past couple of years, she’s created mega-viral TikToks recreating iconic outfits and scenes from the beloved movie, including a complete recreation of Jenna’s classic party look.

His TikTok account is a real treat, and I highly recommend following him.

She even did us a great public service by letting us know that ~ the ~ dress is available on Amazon. (For $ 13 no less !!!)

Where was it when I was Jenna Rink for Halloween in 2019 ??

I just have no idea where the time has passed since 2004, and the only explanation is the magical wish dust!

Sony Pictures Classics, TikTok / Christa B. Allen / Via

As someone who turned 30 two years ago now, I really feel like I’m 13 most of the time.

And here’s a side-by-side of Christa and Jennifer Garner, just for fun:

Columbia Pictures / Â © Columbia Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection, TikTok / Christa B Allen / Via

To celebrate her milestone birthday, Christa released a short series on TikTok (well titled Vienna) where she interacts with her own “13-year-old self” and questions some of the themes of the film.

You know, like the idea that seemingly the only options for “thriving” in your 30s are to have massive professional success or to get married and buy a house. And, of course, the importance of self-esteem. Really things every 13 year old (or 30 year old) needs to hear. Christa call the series, “Less of a sequel, more of a response.”

Anyway, happy 30th birthday Christa! Hope you really party like it’s 1987!

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