‘Woosa Media’ Digital Website Design Agency Gets Sleek, Cutting-edge Website Redesign | Feb 21 2012


Metro Manila, Philippines – (SBWIRE) – 02/21/2012 – In today’s Internet society, a business’s website is, in many cases, its first impression on potential customers. And from the graphics used to the intriguing and user-friendly layout, every part of their website is an essential part of converting visitors into buyers; in particular the formulation used on the site.

Called site engine optimization, the way a website is written can dramatically increase its chances of appearing at the top of some of the more popular search engines, including Google and Bing.

But finding the perfect blend of an attractive design and an SEO and keyword optimized website can be extremely difficult.

With a superb Philippines web design and what they call integrated “SEO,” full-service digital agency WoosaMedia.com recently revamped its website to incorporate a sharper language style and a sleeker look. The updated site features a new, more conversational way of communicating with Filipino businesses, along with a user-friendly layout to illustrate the company’s expert web design services.

According to Dwad Lane, CEO of Woosa Media, the company not only designs websites to grab the attention of visitors, but also to make sure they come back. In addition, they integrate the important aspects of SEO Philippines.

“Woosa Media goes the extra mile by designing every website with SEO logic in mind,” Lane says. “’SEO-logy’ is our specialist service here at Woosa – a service we’ve reduced to a science – that anchors search engine optimization directly into your website DNA. “

Woosa Media is so confident that it can improve a company’s search engine ranking that it has a special SEO offer that says, “If we don’t get all of the agreed upon keywords in the top 10 of Google in 10 weeks you will get 100% of your money back.

In addition to their superior web design and SEO services, Woosa Media recently added online reputation management services to their repertoire. The new ORM services allow businesses to control their online reputation by outperforming other websites with negative reviews or comments about the business.

Woosa Media clients include Smart Mouth Mobile, krunchbox, Luxola, Swoop.com.sg, The Melting Pot, Zullu and many more.

For more information on the Philippines web design offered by Woosa Media, visit http://woosamedia.com/services/web-design-philippines/

About Woosa Media
Led by Founder and CEO Dwad Lane, the young and dynamic team of the company constantly strives to provide superior digital services to its customers. Their mission is to use their formidable skills to help businesses focus on what they do best, while the company deals with navigating the ‘digital maze’ of the rapidly evolving marketing ecosystem. ‘today. Currently a team of 11 (and growing), the company is like Filipino boxing superstar, Manny Pacquiao; small package, invisible power, speed and agility.

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