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Award-winning web design that combines form and function

A website is often one of the most important digital channels for your business, so it’s important that it performs well, looks good, and most importantly, is indexable by any search engine. that your customers can use.

Using User Experience (UX) design as the basis for all website development services and projects, we are passionate about delivering a high quality end product that has a beautiful visual design, effectively tells l history of the brand, offers a user experience and very intuitive results. in good customer satisfaction levels.

A user-centric design approach

Our approach to website design and development isn’t just about engaging websites. It also creates designs that are designed to give you the features your business needs, while also meeting the needs of your website visitors and following web design best practices.

When choosing to invest in a brochure site or an online store, it is important to remember what to do at a fundamental level. You need a site that makes a great first impression, but you also need it to work for you, your users, and your potential customers.

Coast Digital faced a difficult file despite tight deadlines. We are very happy with the new design and it helps us achieve our customer service goals.

Martin chaney,
Website manager

A design that offers

The design process we follow ensures that the brand story, user journey and business goals are all taken into account, which means we are able to produce a design that enables and meets these three essential pillars. of digital success.

Do you want a web design that is designed for both your business and your users and helps increase your conversion rates? Contact us by calling 0845 450 2086 or by using the contact information on our contact us page. Alternatively, if you would like to see examples of our website design projects, please view the case study below or visit our case studies page.

We know that sometimes industry jargon can be difficult to understand. For the ultimate list of industry terms from A to Z, check out our digital marketing glossary.

Website Design FAQs

How long will it take you to design my website?

The time it takes to design a website can vary depending on the complexity of the site and the features you need to include. The best way for us to give you an idea of ​​your project schedule is for us to meet with you to better understand your needs.

If you would like to contact us to discuss your needs, please visit our contact page.

Will my website design be mobile-friendly?

Our team of web developers are experts in creating mobile-friendly web designs. We design all of our websites based on responsive web design and mobile first design best practices.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive design is a type of best practice website design that allows your site to display well on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. This is achieved by resizing the site to meet the dimensions of the display that a visitor uses to view the site.

What is first design mobile?

Mobile first design is a best practice technique where the smallest version of your website is developed first. This is done to ensure that every web page in the mobile version of your site is optimized efficiently, which is in line with Google guidelines.

What is user experience?

User experience (UX) is the process used by web designers to influence the positive experience of visitors to your site. IOS defines UX as “the perceptions and responses of a person resulting from the use and / or anticipated use of a product, system or service”.

What is interaction design?

Interaction Design (IxD) is part of UX and is the design of the interaction between visitors and your website. This skill allows designers to define how each site feature should be used and what should happen when used.

What content management system are you designing for?

We work with a range of content management systems (CMS), but we specialize in WordPress and Drupal. If you would like to learn more about our CMS experience, please visit our Content Management System page.

Do you offer website hosting service?

We work with a number of trusted hosting providers so that we can offer dedicated hosting and monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year. If you would like to discuss our accommodation options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Case study

Thatched cottages

A user-centric web design designed to replicate and present the Thatcher brand story in a digital context

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