Richmondshire web design agency wins city council contract

Purple creative staff.

A Richmondshire web design company battled competition from across the country to win a big project for a local authority in Surrey.

Purple Creative Studio, based on the Aske Estate near Richmond, was chosen by Waverley City Council to develop and build their new website platform.

After the successful delivery of a new website solution for Tandridge District Council in 2017, the local agency was presented to neighboring Waverley City Council and the company’s CEO, Phil Upton, met the Waverley team in September 2019.

From this meeting and following the presentation of a web solution, Purple Creative was invited to bid for the project as well as several other potential agencies.

After completing the bidding process, the team waited to find out the outcome.

News that the Richmondshire agency had been selected and secured the business came in February. However, a month later the UK went into lockdown, delaying the start of the project.

Finally, in June of this year, agreements were signed and the project is therefore ongoing, although currently through online video meetings.

Vanessa de Chazal, Website Manager at Waverley, said: “We are really looking forward to working with Purple Creative to develop our new website. We are confident that they can provide a well-designed and professional website that will allow all of our clients to easily and quickly access our online services.

The originally scheduled September delivery date has been postponed to December of this year simply because of the time lost due to the terrible pandemic that has hit the world.

The new website will adopt modern technology construction methods and incorporate intuitive navigation to help people easily access the most commonly used services.

The site will also comply with new accessibility regulations for public sector organizations.

Phil Upton said: “This is a big win for Purple and once again demonstrates that in this modern digital age, geography doesn’t need to limit what can be achieved for business.

“We are delighted that Waverley selected us for this key project and I look forward to working with Vanessa and her team to deliver it in time for Christmas. “

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