Pilot II starts at Naval Community College


Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen can earn the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree, Naval Studies Certificate, and Professional Certificate free of charge in any of the seven areas of concentration, in the part of the new Pilot II program proposed by the American naval community. University.

Classes are available online and in an asynchronous format, allowing students the opportunity to earn college credit and complete their assignments at the same time.

The community college plans to accommodate some 5,500 active duty people from the three departments by the end of Pilot II.

“Part of or engagement with Sailors when we recruit them is that in recognition of their willingness to defend our nation, we make them in society better positioned to succeed in any endeavor,” said Master Chief Petty Officer of Navy Russell Smith. “Most importantly during their time on duty, it improves the performance of our fleet, provides combat advantages and ensures that the development of our naval leaders remains a priority. “

While enrolled in Pilot II, students can earn credits in military studies, cybersecurity, nuclear engineering, data analysis, aircraft maintenance, organizational leadership, and logistics. Each program has five courses for 15 college credits, each of which constitutes a quarter of the associate’s degree.

“The naval core provides a context for them to know how their new skills fit into the work they will do as a serviceman,” said the retired Navy Cmdr. Russ Evans, Associate Dean of Community College Naval Studies. “We are trying to find an advantage over our opponent. You might know how to do the thing you are trained to do. We will give you the critical thinking skills to translate this new skill you learned in school and use it academically for your unit or organization.
The school began accepting applications on October 1, with the first classes starting in January. Online applications are available on the community college website, www.ussncc.edu.

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