Jordan Smith provides professional web design services in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Tulsa businesses can benefit from high quality web design services from a seasoned professional.

Jordan Smith brings his expert web design services to Tulsa, Oklahoma. A seasoned professional, Jordan has an extensive portfolio of top-notch websites among a list of over 300 satisfied customers from across the United States.

Designing and developing websites for over 10 years, Jordan has helped a wide variety of businesses and individuals. Its diverse client base includes law firms, real estate companies, marketing agencies, nonprofits, online retail stores, vacation rentals, healthcare facilities, churches, law firms. architects, insurance companies, bloggers and more.

Jordan’s websites are carefully designed with several key principles in mind. It makes sure that all of its websites are easy to use, fast, secure, mobile-friendly and durable. To create them, Jordan follows a six-step workflow in collaboration with his clients.

It starts by identifying the customer’s needs and presenting a solution in the form of wireframes. These wireframes, along with the company logo, will then serve as a guide and inspiration for Jordan in the next steps of the current website design and development process.

Once built, the website then undergoes testing covering all features and types of devices and web browsers. The website will then go live and benefit from secure and reliable hosting. Finally, Jordan helps establish the online presence of his clients by optimizing website content for search engine optimization. The entire web design process typically takes between six and eight weeks.

Jordan’s choice of website builder tools is WordPress. This CMS (Content Management System) site is the most used in the world and allows users to fully customize their site.

Rather than using predefined templates that have design limitations, Jordan tailor-made each website and structure it to be user-friendly for the benefit of its clients. It also provides detailed training videos which it embeds in the administration area of ​​the website, serving as easily available references for its users.

Although his main focus is on web design, the self-taught web developer also offers other related services including search engine optimization (SEO), web development, logo and graphics design, strategy branded and web hosting.

While currently enjoying his passion as a full-time web designer, Jordan Smith is also a proud Army veteran, having served the country as an Army Ranger. He is also a devoted husband and a father of four beautiful daughters.

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