The financial life of humans often brings unpleasant surprises, which can often overwhelm the affected people. Be it unexpected bills, which often have to be paid immediately or long overdue reminders. Once the reminder is in the house, people are quickly forced to act and often only a instant payday loan is the solution to the problem.

Good is a instant payday loan with immediate payment for advantageous spontaneous purchases as well as for urgent repairs or necessary purchases in the household.

Apply for a simple and direct decision of the bank

Apply for a simple and direct decision of the bank

The lending facility is also commonly referred to as instant payment loan, as the loan applicant, in the case of a positive decision by the bank, usually pays out the loan in an extremely unbureaucratic and quick manner. Contrary to popular opinion, the decision-making criteria of lending banks are no higher for instant payday loans than for traditional loans.

Rather, in a flash loan with immediate payment usually in a quick process, the application is examined by the bank. However, the credit burea score is carefully checked only for loans that are not offered with the suffix “without credit burea”. In a instant payday loan despite credit burea this credit check is rather semiautomatic:

  • faster credit approval
  • Higher chances of a positive immediate commitment
  • faster payout of the loan capital

Without credit burea: Despite negative scores get money

Without Schufa: Despite negative scores get money

It is therefore also possible to obtain a loan with immediate payment without credit burea examination, depending to a significant extent on the bank or the intermediary to which such a loan is requested. In some cases, such a loan can be applied for even without proof of income. However, in this case, the credit applicant should be aware that if the loan does not include credit burea and proof of income, the bank may be required to provide other collateral for the immediate-payment flash loan.

What collateral can be required for a instant payday loan without income?

What collateral can be required for a lightning loan without income?

In most cases, a guarantee from another borrower or a security in the form of ownership from the bank is requested in such cases. However, this is certainly a good opportunity for people who urgently need a instant payday loan despite credit burea to overcome the short-term liquidity bottlenecks.

If all the necessary criteria have been met, in some cases even an immediate commitment will be made despite a bad credit rating. Of course, there is no pre-cost for a legitimate instant payday loan and the loan applicant can theoretically receive the same terms in the loan agreement that are also present in a conventional loan.

From free interim repayments, which are rather rare in a loan with immediate promise due to the usually low loan amount, to the repayment without prepayment penalty, the loan with immediate payment includes all advantages for the loan applicant