Real estate loan insurance

Real estate loan insurance

Banks require borrowers to take out loan insurance to provide a home loan. It allows the assumption of repayment of the loan by the insurer in case of default of repayment of the borrower following an accident or illness.

The group contract: insurance not adapted to borrowers

Bank insurance is a “group contract”. It is a group insurance that spreads the risks between the insured. Its level of coverage is average. Any risk higher than that allows the assumption of this insurance can result in a refusal of insurance loan from the bank and thus a refusal of mortgage loan.

Delegation of insurance: the solution to insure your loan with the aggravated health risk serology

Thanks to the Cogilaw Company of 1 September 2010, borrowers can take out other loan insurance than that of the lending bank. People who were previously excluded from the mortgage because of a loan insurance problem can now find a tailored insurance and access the loan. It is therefore recommended that you use the competition between insurers to find the best loan insurance contract in the market with aggravated health risk serology.

Comparative insurance loan risk aggravated health serology

Comparative insurance loan risk aggravated health serology

You will save valuable time by using the online loan insurance comparator which is available on our website. It includes all the best loan insurance offers from the largest companies and insurers specializing in aggravated health risks. You only need to fill out the search form in just 2 minutes and you will access the serology risk insurance proposals that are most advantageous to you.

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Delegate your insurance loan serology with Insurance of loan not expensive

Delegate your loan insurance with the broker Insurance Loan Not Expensive, it is the certainty of getting the best insurance contract loan risk aggravated health serology of the market and to be well informed and advised (e) throughout your journey.

With a delegation of Insurance Loan not expensive, your bank will no longer be able to refuse to grant you your mortgage!