Carlsbad web design agency donates computers to San Diego kids and their families


RemedyOne CEO Simon Hunter (left) and C2SDK Executive Director Cheri Pierre

“Thanks to the generosity of RemedyOne, we will directly improve the future education of children in San Diego school districts”

Today, Carlsbad’s web design and development agency RemedyOne announced their partnership with Computers 2 SD Kids, the organization dedicated to providing low-income families and their children with modern, functional computers.

“We believe in the importance of science and technology to our San Diego children and their families, and we want to give the chance of entrepreneurship to local children who would not normally have this chance,” said Simon Hunter, CEO of RemedyOne, from his Carlsbad office. .

RemedyOne was founded in 2000 and provides web design, website development and services associated with the San Diego business community.

Often low-income families cannot afford a computer, and their children may not be able to complete basic homework or research tasks. RemedyOne’s donation will help Computers 2 SD Kids provide more than 500 low-income families and their children with the tools to improve their lives in time for the holidays.

Each computer includes Microsoft software, over 1,000 educational programs through PowerMyLearning, and valuable Internet safety training in partnership with the San Diego Police Department. Each family receives training, technical assistance and a lifetime replacement in the event of their computer failure. And their partnership with Cox provides affordable internet access, ensuring the whole family has the tools they need to access life’s opportunities for at least the next 10 years.

“Thanks to RemedyOne’s generosity, we will directly improve the future education of children in San Diego school districts,” said Cheri Pierre, Executive Director of Computers 2 SD Kids.

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