Amazon Web Services still reigns supreme in the cloud. For under $ 20 you can figure it all out


TLDR: The Premier All AWS Certification training pack includes seven courses and all the training needed to become a tested and certified AWS cloud system expert.

You know you are a huge organization when you are the ones helping people when their governments cannot. Case in point, Amazon Web Services (AWS) distributes $ 40 million in AWS credits to help under-represented populations around the world receive better health services.

When you control over 30% of global cloud storage spending, you can afford to be generous. And with that kind of reach, it’s certainly beneficial for any IT professional to be familiar with how to run systems based in the AWS environment.

With training in Premier All AWS Certification Training Package ($ 19, over 90% off), from TNW Deals), anyone interested in managing cloud operations for a networked system can gain the knowledge and obtain certification.

This collection brings together seven courses that can pave the way for a career in managing AWS-based systems. While there is a lot of ground to cover in these courses, each training is also super focused on achieving the goal of any aspiring IT professional: mastery and certification in 7 different AWS disciplines.

Everything opens with the Cloud practitioner training, offering a basic assessment that familiarizes new users with the AWS ecosystem, its basic operations and the fundamentals of cloud computing. With just a few months of this basic learning, students will be ready to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam and upon their first recognition as an AWS Expert.

From there, users can then dive into three different associate level certification courses. In the Developer course, learners demonstrate their ability to build and then deploy cloud-based applications, while the SysOps administrator The training equips students with the tools to deploy, manage, and manage workloads on AWS. Then the Solutions architect The course explores how to run a herd on every computer and device in a networked AWS system.

The training is supplemented by three courses in the AWS Specialty learning path. Including Security, to protect computers in a cloud environment; Data analysis, to use AWS Data Lakes and its suite of analytics tools to extract valuable insights from data; and Advanced networking, for those who are ready to demonstrate real expertise in designing and maintaining a network architecture on AWS.

The AWS Premier All Certification training package would typically set you back around $ 200, but for now the full package is available now for less than $ 3 per class at only $ 19.

Prices are subject to change

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